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 Your right to privacy is very important to us

This website is owned and operated by the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League. We are committed to maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and security of personal information entrusted to us. We recognize that providing the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League with your personal information is an act of trust. The following Privacy Policy was developed to assure you that we take seriously our responsibility to protect registration and donation information and use it only in ways that are consistent with your wishes.


On the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League site, we do not collect personally identifiable information about individuals unless they knowingly provide it to us. Therefore, if your purpose for visiting our website is simply to browse and learn about our sailing program, events, and ways to donate, we invite you to do so. As a casual, unregistered visitor to our site, we will recognize your home server, but not your e-mail address or any other personal or system information. 


In order to join the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League, a user must first download and then complete the registration form. No information is necessary. 


When you pay for the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League registration or event registration, as well as make a donation via credit card, debit card, or check, the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League will utilize the third-party electronic payment vendor, PayPal, (also known as a payment gateway) that processes electronic payment data (e.g., payment card data, bank name, ABA/Routing number, bank account number, account type, account holder name) so that you may pay for such services.  For all such payments, the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League only transfers payment data through protected servers and does not store any payment data.  If you authorize recurring payments or non-recurring future payments, your payment data and billing details will be saved by our third-party electronic payment vendor, PayPal. 


If you register to receive information from the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League, we add your name to our email list. Once you provide us with your personal information (name and email address), that data remains confidential and will only be used by Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League. We will not share any information you provide to us with any other organization. We will never rent, sell, or share information that personally identifies you for marketing purposes.


We use our email lists for follow-up contacts with you. This is our method of keeping you up to date on our sailing program and upcoming events. For registrants, email communication may also be used to share schedule changes, upcoming events, and registration information. We maintain e-mail mailboxes in an effort to support visitors who visit us online. We read every e-mail message that we receive and do our best to respond within 48-72 hours, if a response is required. We do not record your e-mail address unless you have voluntarily provided it to us when you register to receive follow-up information or our e-newsletter. If you do provide us with your e-mail address, and register your interest in receiving follow-up information, we may notify you from time to time about Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League updates and events. At all times, we include “opt-out” or unsubscribe instructions with the e-mail that is sent to you. You can update or delete your account information and preferences or “opt-out” at any time.  In addition, you can choose to “opt-out” of any mailings that we may send, simply by communicating with us via email at


We use “cookies” (small pieces of information stored on your computer) on certain parts of our website. The cookies allow us to track your session, particularly what pages of our website or links you click. We do not use cookies to collect any type of personal information or to extract any information from your computer.


When using our forms to register or receive information from the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League, we use secure pages to ensure that the information sent between your computer and our system is secure. We use the Secure Service Layer (SSL) encryption method for all secure submissions. This method is generally accepted to insure that the transmission of personal information is secure. Some common browsers, i.e. Chrome or Internet Explorer, make it obvious when information is being passed in a secure manner by displaying either a closed lock or a completed key on the screen.


Copyright of the text contained in this website is owned by the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League. All rights are reserved. All text, images, graphics, and other materials on this website are subject to the copyrights and other intellectual property rights of the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League. These materials may not be copied, reproduced, or distributed for commercial purposes, nor may these materials be modified, or uploaded, downloaded or reposted, in whole or in part to other websites. 

All graphic designs and visual/audio content included on this site, such as photographs, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio or video clips, and software, is the property of the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League and is protected by U.S. patent and copyright laws. 

The compilation (meaning the collection, arrangement, and assembly) of all software material on this site is the exclusive property of the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League or its software suppliers and is protected by U.S. copyright and patent laws. The content and software on this site may be used as a resource only. Any other use, including the reproduction, modification, distribution, transmission, republication, display, or performance, of the content on this site is strictly prohibited. 

The names, trademarks, logos, designs, and trade dress shown on this site are owned by the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League and are protected by the trademark laws of the U.S. and other jurisdictions. Any use of “Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League,” its logo, text, or graphic materials contained in this website in any manner to express or imply endorsement, sponsorship, affiliation, or association of the user with or by the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League, is strictly prohibited unless permission has been granted. 

Partner or sponsor organizations that are the recipient of a contract, partnership, or sponsorship agreement should contact the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League for information about publicizing any information and use of the logo.


You may establish a hypertext link to this site from your website, so long as the page containing the link properly attributes the linked site to the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League and does not state or imply any sponsorship of your site by the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League. Without prior written consent of the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League, you may not create a link to this site that incorporates or relies upon, in whole or in part, any content from any page on this website, or that incorporates any copyrighted or otherwise intellectual property of the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League.


As a service to you, the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League may provide links to websites, blogs of various philanthropic, partner, sponsor, and nonprofit organizations. A link to a website is not an endorsement, authorization, sponsorship, or affiliation with respect to such site, its owners, or providers. You understand and agree that your access to or use of those services is a matter entirely between you and the third party and the Point of Pittsburgh Sailing League has no liability whatsoever for any such access or use. When leaving, we recommend that you check the privacy policy of the site you are visiting before providing personal information.


We want to help you protect your child’s privacy. We encourage you to talk to your children about safe and responsible use of their personal information while using the Internet, including using parental control or web filtering technology to supervise children’s access to the internet. Our website is a general-audience website and are not directed to anyone under the age of fourteen. We do not seek to solicit information from children under the age of fourteen. If children submit information to us and we know that the individuals submitting the information are children under the age of fourteen, we will delete the information as soon as we discover it and will not use the information for any purpose or disclose it to any third parties.


We reserve the right to update and/or change our privacy policy as needed.  If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at or 412.997.9305.

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